• Project cooperation

    Project cooperation

      The company under its jurisdiction has established strategic partnerships with Vale, BHP and FMG. It has long-term cooperation with Shenhua Group and has joined forces with international and domestic traders such as Cargill and Swiss Steel to establish a bulk material trading system.

  • Application of wood in structural engineering

    Application of wood in structural engineering

      Wood is a traditional building material that has been widely used in both ancient and modern buildings. Structurally, wood is mainly used for structures and roofs, such as beams, columns, rafters, slabs, and arches. Many of the buildings in China are made of wood. They are of a high level in construction technology and art, and have a unique style.   In addition, wood is often used as a concrete formwork and stakes in construction projects.

  • Use of coke

    Use of coke

      Coke is mainly used in blast furnace ironmaking and blast furnace smelting for non-ferrous metals such as copper, lead, zinc, titanium, antimony and mercury. It acts as a reducing agent, a heating agent and a column skeleton. The ironmaking blast furnace uses coke instead of charcoal, which lays the foundation for the large-scale modern blast furnace and is a major milestone in the history of metallurgy. In order to achieve better technical and economic indicators for blast furnace operation, smelting coke (metallurgical coke) must have appropriate chemical and physical properties, including thermal properties during smelting. In addition to being used in large quantities for ironmaking and non-ferrous metal smelting (metallurgical coke), coke is also used in foundry, chemical, calcium carbide and ferroalloys with varying quality requirements. For example, coking for casting generally requires large particle size, low porosity, high fixed carbon and low sulfur content; coking with chemical gasification requires less stringent strength, but requires good reactivity, high ash melting point; coke requirement for calcium carbide production Try to increase the fixed carbon content. The following are detailed uses for different focal sizes.

  • Characteristics of steel

    Characteristics of steel

      black metal   Ferrous metals mainly refer to iron, manganese, chromium and their alloys.   Steel   The steel is produced by placing the pig iron into the steelmaking furnace and melting it according to a certain process.   Non-ferrous metal   Metals other than ferrous metals are called non-ferrous metals such as copper, tin, lead, zinc, aluminum, and brass, bronze, aluminum alloys, and bearing alloys.


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